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Playgyms are a great way to keep your Pet Bird Happy when he or she is out of the cage and  to train, eat, play and teach to poop. Ideal for for all Parrots  and especially Medium to Large Parrots, Macaws, Eclectus, Amazons and more. Measurements are 54cm x  35cm x 45 cm High with Stainless Steel Bowls 13cm round. A great training aid and safe place when your Pet Bird is out playing. All Birds love to perch and a Playstand provides a place for them outside of the Cage to perch. This Playstand is easy to move and take from room to room as required and ideal to keep on the floor or on a Coffee Table. All our babies are Hand Raised on this Playgym, the big perch is ideal for all birds.

Playgym with Food Bowls

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