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A Guide To Buying A Pet Bird

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Specialising in Hand Raising Pet Birds as companions. Mick and Ann give you the option

to purchase the Pet Bird only or with

The Complete Pet Bird Package,

based in Melbourne we sell and deliver

throughout Australia, including remote areas.


We deliver to you, giving you the convenience, comfort and hands on expertise of what owning

a Pet Bird is all about, so you, your family and

your New Feathered Friend enjoy this wonderful journey together. Owning a Pet Bird is a big commitment for 20 years or more.


Hand Raised Pet Birds are great companions, are loving, cuddly, make you laugh with their funny little antics,  are playful, cheeky and most Parrots talk! They are lots of fun and will

become a big part of your family.  Research is paramount to getting the ideal Pet Bird for you and your family to suit your Lifestyle. 

Make sure this is an enjoyable journey for you, your  family and Pet Bird and you are all committed to wanting, caring, learning and sharing your Pet Bird with the family.

RESEARCH IS IMPORTANT - The right Research is even more important!

Research the best Pet Bird for you and your family, understand what you are purchasing and why. Ensure you get the ideal Hand Raised Pet Bird as you will have him or her for 20 years or more.   Buy from a reputable Bird Business or Breeder that has the expertise and knowledge to assist you in selecting the ideal Pet Bird, Cage, Toys, Seed, Pellets and more for your Pet B


Advice on keeping Pet Birds is best from experienced and knowledgeable Bird Breeders with at  least 10 years experience, Mick & Ann, Specialist Avian (Bird) Vets and Bird Behavourists who have experience in handling, breeding, caring, maintaining, training, and feeding of Pet Birds.


Do not buy a Cage until you have selected YOUR ideal Pet Bird and you have researched the

appropriate Cage options for your Pet Bird. Ask Mick & Ann. The Cage is very important and there are many different shapes and sizes, you may buy the wrong size, which will

create problems for you and your Pet Bird and will incur more costs, to buy another Cage

The Cage must be Big enough for the size of Pet Bird!

Wide and Deep enough for your chosen Pet Bird to Flap and Spread his or her Wings! Plenty of Room to move, climb around and for Toys and Branches in the Cage. Wide Front Cage Door with plenty of Room for your Pet Bird to Step Up into the Cage Selection of the right size Cage is paramount to the health, happiness and comfort of your Pet Bird and you.


Diet: Seed and Pellets are also critical to your new feathered friend being happy and healthy,

you must ensure you are feeding your new Pet Bird what he or she is used to, they are babies so

always ask 'What Your Pet Birds Diet & Routine Is'. Routine &  Diet is extremely important to

ensure you have a happy healthy Pet Bird. Our Hand Raised Pet Birds all get Daily Fresh Fruit & Vegetable, Seed, Pellets  and some Nuts, where applicable. Some Pet Birds do not eat seed,

so it is critical to know what Diet your Pet Bird is on from the exact Diet to feed your Pet Bird.

Mick & Ann give you a Pet Care Guide and provide the Routine & Diet of your new feathered

friend prior to delivery so you are prepared to receive your Pet Bird which helps with his or her

transition to your home. This also covers harmful Foods Toxic to your Pet Bird.

Delivering Your New Pet Bird: When you get your new Pet Bird home let him or her settle

into his new surroundings and family, this can take up to a week, so please be patient.

Ensure you understand the dangers of Toxic Foods, Sprays, Smoke and other dangerous

items that can harm the health of your Pet Bird.


  1. Hand Raised Pet Birds

  2. Cage, Toys, Accessories

  3. Quality Bird Pellets & Seed

  4. Dietary Requirements

  5. Care & Maintenance

  6. Professional Specialist Avian Veterinary Contacts

  7. Professional Bird Behavourists.

  8. Deliver To You

  9. After Care Service - We are there to provide answers after delivery

  10. You can buy your Pet Bird only or you have the choice to buy the Complete Pet Bird Package which gives you the best start possible.

  11. Bird Boarding

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We work closely with and can put you in touch with highly experienced Specialist Avian Vets in Australia. If your Pet Bird or Animal needs a check up, micro chipping and more.  Download our List of Specialist Avian & Exotic Animal Vets

  The Complete Pet Bird Package  can include these items and more:

  •  Hand Raised Pet Bird

  •  Quality Cage

  •  Playgym

  •  Carry Crate

  •  Seedmate

  •  Bird Harness

  •  Toys

  •  Accessories

  •  Peachface Lovebird Seed Mix

  •  Murphys Pellets

  •  Pet Bird Care & Diet Guide 

  •  After Care Service

  •  Delivery to your door (Free - within   Melbourne   Metro Area- A Delivery Fee will   be provided for   deliveries outside the   Melbourne metro Area)


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Arcadia Parrot Pro Lamp

Air Freight for Interstate Customers - We have over 20 years experience in freighting Birds

throughout Australia. (Quotes will be provided) It doesn't matter if you live in a remote area

within Australia we can get your Pet Bird to you

The Complete Pet Bird Package is made up of what you need for your new feathered friend, you may already have a cage or playgym or toys etc, so whatever is needed we can provide.


By providing the Pet Bird Complete Package your journey with your New Pet Bird starts complete,

you do not have to do anything, Mick & Ann do it all for you! Your journey starts with

the ideal Pet Bird, Cage, Toys, Seed, Pellets we keep it simple, convenient and enjoyable.


Delivering to your home allows us to show you how your new Pet Bird Steps Up, is fully Flighted, 

Fly to you, you can handle your Pet Bird all over, we set up the Cage, Toys & Accessories in

an ideal position in your home and assist with the ongoing training of your Pet Bird.

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