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Currently Hand Raising the Pet Birds shown below 

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  • Quality

  • Healthy

  • Very friendly 

  • Lovto be with people 

  • Interact

  • Fully Flighted 

  • Fly to You

  • Step Up

  • Loving

  • Cuddly 

  • Playful

  • Cheeky

  •  Social

  • Parrots Talk

  • Well Adjusted

It is important have chosen the Ideal Pet Bird for you and your family. 
Like people; Birds have different cultures and 
we will provide the information on the variety best suited to your Lifestyle  and family.

You will have  your new feathered friend for at least 20, 30 years or more, so very important to select the ideal Pet Bird for you and your family.

To buy one of our Pet Birds simply ring Mick & Ann on 0419 349 441

January 2024 
Hand Raised Pet Birds:

Gift A Friend,

Loved One or Family Member a Pet Bird

Gift Voucher,  for that special event

coming up!


  • Special Occassions

  • Birthday

  • Anniversary

  • Christmas

  • For Love

  • Companionship

        and more................

African Greys


Blue & Gold Macaws

Caiques White Bellied

Caiques Black Headed





Eclectus Parrots 


Lineolated Parrots


Rainbow Lorikeets
Rosa Bourkes

Sun Conures

White Fronted Amazon

Red  Tail Black Cockatoo

and more.......

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