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We provide Airline Approved Animal Freight Boxes for your Pet Birds, Parrots and Small Animals. Our Animal Air Freight Boxes will also suit Ferrets or Small to Medium size Animals. Our Small Box is ideal for 1 x Conure or 1 x Cockatiel or 1 x Quaker Parrot or up to 6 small size birds - Finches, Medium Freight Box will suit several Conures or Cockatiels, Quakers & Large Double (with Divider) is ideal for a pair of Medium size birds that will travel safely in their own compartment. Our Light Weight Freight Boxes are available to move single or multiple birds around Australia with Qantas or Virgin Airlines. Small, Wire Mesh Window design for airflow and an easy slide in door with a screw to secure your pet for their trip. 

You can also use these Boxes to travel in your car to keep your Pet Bird or Animal safe.




Small Single: 20cmx 20cm x 17cm. Weight 765grams


Medium Single: 30cm x 20cm x 17cm. Weight 972grams


Large Double Divider Freight Box: 47cm x 20cm x 17cm. Weight 1.3kg


We also sell the wide range Airline Approved Animal Crates suitable for Birds, Parrots, Dog, Cats, Ferrets and more animal varieties in our Online Shop.


You can contact us on 0419 349 441 to book your Animal Freight requirements or use our QR Reader to obtain a quote through Animal Freight Australia. We have been freighting Birds and small to medium Animals around Australia for over 20 years. 


Animal Air Freight Boxes

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