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Hand Raised Cockatiel Packages Available Now!

  • Hand Raised Cockatiel
  • Quality Cage Options
  • Toys and Accessories
  • Quality Seed and Pellets
  • Parrot Care Guide – Assists with the Routine and Diet
  • Delivery To You in Melbourne Metro Area (Outside this area or Interstate a delivery or Air Freight cost is applied)

This is a simple and convenient way for you and your family to get a beautiful Hand Raised Cockatiel with everything you need delivered to your door to start your journey with your new feathered friend.

We highly recommend getting a Playstand for your Pet Bird as it provides a Perch for the to stand on (outside of the Cage). The Playstand provides a place for your Pet Bird to eat, train, play, sleep and poop so your birds have a dedicated place to poop.'

Cockatiel Package

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