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'I Tonya' Movie with Little Man played by a Crimson Bellied Conure. This

'Arlo' is a gorgeous Crimson Bellied Conure who lives in a City Apartment with Bubbles & Ian. He loves going out to Cafes and shopping and has a very beautiful Crimson

This is 'Arlo' a beautiful Crimson Bellied Conure that lives in a Southbank Apartment in Melbourne with Bubbles & Ian and he loves to go out to Cafes and Parks.

He has very expensive taste for jewellery and has re designed several of Bubbles rings. A gorgeous loveable cheeky Conure Arlo is a stunning and caring Companion.

It appears one of 'Arlo' long distance relatives has played a Companion Pet Bird to "Lavona Golden" played by Allison Janney with her Crimson Bellied Conure Co-Star 'Little Man' in the Movie "I Tonya" pictured below.

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